We build startups to solve problems in the global food system

The food industry holds an immense impact potential due to its global carbon footprint.

For over a century, Denmark has developed a position of strength in food, with large global market shares, unique technologies and highly estimated brands along the entire supply chain. We aim to find solutions on problems in land use, food production, transportation, logistics, distribution, retail, consumption and much more.

1 The food industry is the number 1 carbon emitter
25 of global CO2 emissions are due to the food industry
50 of global habitable land is used solely for agriculture
70 of freshwater withdrawals is used in agriculture

A 12-month transformative programme

No Fees

Free but challenging

The programme is entirely free for participants as we believe price shouldn’t be a barrier for great entrepreneurs and ideas to succeed. What we’re requiring from you is a strong commitment, both in time and effort throughout the 3 steps of the programme. Our selection process will make sure that only motivated, dedicated, and passionate applicants will be offered a seat.


From discovery to full-time

The programme embarks you on a risk-free journey where you start exploring the entrepreneurial world on weekends only (step 1), move with your team onto developing your solution during evenings on our online platform (step 2), and finally become a full-time entrepreneur with a purposeful career co-owning an impact startup (step 3).

Global Network

In the Nordics and beyond

The programme has world-class trainers and coaches who are tailored to your needs, as an individual, as a team, and as a startup. Our network of dedicated mentors will assist you throughout the programme on the more specific aspects of your growth and your impact. Finally, we offer access to large network of investors and VC network, commercial partners, and alumni.


Innovate like never before

  • Develop yourself as a founder. An inner journey to discover your motivations, life aspirations, and your skills re-assessment.
  • Find a co-founder or join a team. Leverage on the diversity of people, skills, and opinions to find your right co-founder and team dynamics.
  • Master problems & global systems. Define, own, master, and present the root causes of global challenges.
  • Learn how to approach solutions. Immerse yourself into design thinking and systems theory to create impact and growth

Training Camp workspace

  • Hosted in the dynamic co-working space DTU Science Park’s incubator and accelerator, Futurebox.
  • Fully on-site
  • Easy access – See location

9 intensive weekends

Mix of on-site weekends and online homework


Validate your solution in the real world

  • Strengthen your team, roles & responsibilities. Define a joint goal with your team on business and impact.
  • Find your customers. Define your value proposition, find your customers pains and gains and get trained in pitching and story telling.
  • Test your solution, concept, and technology. Test it with your customers and get their buy-in for further feedback and development.
  • Measure your impact and growth. Learn how to measure, report, and scale your impact for future customer and investor buy-in.

10 weeks part time

Programme fully online on our platform


Develop your startup in a fast-paced environment

  • Build and grow your company. Set up the basic of operations, startup financials, negotiations, leadership, and legal.
  • Manage your sales. Organise your marketing and sales activities, find more about your competitors, and get introduced to planning.
  • Develop your pitching skills. Learn about the basics, build your pitching deck, and train yourself in story telling and pitch delivery.
  • Understand fundraising. Understand the funding landscape, pre-term & post-term sheets, and investor management.

Accelerator Investment deal

  • Cash investment of up to 165.000 EUR for equity with a possible follow on investment of up to 100.000 EUR.
  • Free co-working space in Copenhagen
  • Full access to our global network (including Startup Wise Guys) of 450+ mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.
  • Partner deals that will help you grow, enter foreign markets, manage your sales process, and store data (e.g. discounts and credits for services offered by companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Stripe, Hubspot, etc.)

22 weeks full time

Hybrid programme: Bringing the best of both on-site
and online worlds

Programme co-developed with Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys is one of the oldest European accelerators and for years the only international player in the New Europe region. They are running their world-class startup accelerator since 2012 to help startup founders become true entrepreneurs. This is done through transforming founders mindset (leadership, planning, mental toughness, negotiations), thus helping founders to build company culture and structure early on preparing them to build scalable and sustainable business. With more than 220 investments in early-stage startups, 9+ years of experience, and 22 accelerator batches, Wise Guys portfolio has already had 2 major exits and the overall startup survival and success rate is above 77%.

  • In 2020, recognised as Best Accelerator in CEE
  • In 2019, recognised as top VC of the year in CEE
  • Listed as one of the top 5 most international accelerators in Europe
22 Accelerator Batches
500 Founders
220 Companies Invested
450 Mentors and investors in the network
77 Portfolio survival rate
2 Major exits, 50x average

Startup Wise Guys portfolio companies

What alumni say about Startup Wise Guys