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    Frequently asked questions

    We’re selecting up to 150 participants with founder ambitions who would like to improve the world with solutions on climate change. We embrace people from all walks of society regardless of background, education, work experience, and age.
    We’re selecting participants based on the application form (see “Apply” on the top of the page). You will answer a set of questions that will give us sufficient information to see if the programme is a good fit for you and you’ll be assessed by our team on:

    • your ambition and passion for solving the climate challenges
    • your adaptiveness to new ways of thinking and working
    • your personal risk-taking mindset to act and succeed as an entrepreneur

    Applications for the September 2021 cohort are now closed. Stay tuned as we’ll launch our applications for the cohort starting in January 2022 soon!

    Yes! The programme is entirely free for participants as we believe price shouldn’t be a barrier for great entrepreneurs and ideas to succeed. Therefore, Profounders is requiring strong commitment from the participants and will materialize this through your time and effort, which has a great value to us.

    No! All ideas and people are of course welcomed but it is not a requirement for entering the programme. The first step of the programme is dedicated for participants to find their co-founder(s) and develop solutions addressing the climate crisis. If you already have a team, each member should apply and go through the selection process individually.

    Yes and no. The programme will run in Copenhagen and therefore we’ll be requiring your physical presence throughout the 12-month activities. So you’re welcome to re-locate to the Copenhagen region at your own costs and attend the programme.

    We’re selecting all teams from step 1 (Innovation) who have a strong solution concept and a global potential for solving climate change. Those teams formed in the first step of our programme should have demonstrated strong potential during the Demo Day and show a desire to continue their adventure with Profounders.

    We’re selecting up to 12 startups from the step 2 (Validation) during our Demo Week. Teams will present their documented Proof of Concept solution, show great team dynamics, and demonstrate they are a good fit for the Profounders accelerator. Upon selection, teams will be acquiring a pre-seed investment.

    Innovation: The programme runs on-site during 9 weekends (2 full days each) + Homework (around 5-10 hours of work individually or in teams in-between weekends). More information coming soon.

    Validation: The programme runs online for 10 weeks part time (which represents up to a full day per week at your on choice + coaching during 1 evening per week) and on-site (full time). More information coming soon.

    Acceleration: The programme is a 22 weeks full-time and runs partly online and party on-site. More information coming soon.

    Yes you can for the steps 1 and 2. The first step of the programme only happens on weekends (with homework in-between session) so it’s a risk-free commitment that you can combine with a full-time job. The step 2 increases in intensity and will require more of your time and commitment. Nonetheless it happens online and therefore is manageable with other professional activities. We see this step as a transition from the corporate world into entrepreneurship.

    If you are selected into the accelerator, you will have to commit 100% of your time on your new venture alongside your team members.

    We offer full access to our co-working space during the acceleration step of the programme (step 3).

    The step 1 (Innovation) happens on-site at DTU Futurebox, where we have full access during our intensive weekends. 

    The step 2 (Validation) happens mostly online and we’ll be welcoming you on-site for the Demo Week in a central location in Copenhagen.

    During the step 1 (Innovation), you will have the opportunity to meet up to 150 exceptional individuals from both tech and business backgrounds, all passionate about building a successful startup, and about finding solutions for the climate. You will have the opportunity to ideate and test your skill sets and working styles with them through hackathons, mentor sessions, and personality profiling.

    If your team is selected into the Accelerator, you get an investment into your company from the Profounders Fund. We invest up to EUR 165.000 for a small equity stake in your company (that includes up to 100.000 € cash and 65.000 € back for the program’s costs), and a possible EUR 100.000 additional follow on investment. We also offer full access to our global network of 450+ mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. Finally, we offer deals through our partners that will help you grow, enter foreign markets, manage your sales process, and store data (e.g. discounts and credits for services offered by companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Stripe, Hubspot, etc.)