About profounders

Profounders is a climate-focused venture builder based in Copenhagen, enabling individuals to found and own the startups of tomorrow.

This programme has been maturing in our heads for a while, as we live in uncertain times we felt the need to develop new solutions in the Nordics through entrepreneurship and impact investments. The triple planetary crisis: climate change (because of the increasing of greenhouse gases), biodiversity and ecosystems breakdown (with extinction of millions of species), and environmental pollution (the negative side effects of our economic system and its adverse repercussions for people and planet) are changing the way we see ourselves and our existence on earth.
Overconsumption in combination with a liberated economy is transforming people, families, businesses, and nations thereby threatening impartiality in our times and challenging intergenerational equity. The true essence of sustainability is at stake.
We must transform ourselves and find new ways on how to live and thrive on Earth – and we must act now!



We enable people to master entrepreneurship and regenerative business innovation as a tool to address the climate crisis. We form, empower, and invest in talented teams to co-create global solutions with the potential to shape the world beyond the climate crisis.



We facilitate the restoration of global carbon balance through entrepreneurship and the provision of a world where regenerative businesses have a large and positive impact on people and societies.



We enable people to learn, get support, and attract investments in their global sustainable solutions through a 3-step transformative programme.



Honesty, transparency, and openness

We work in collaborative environments where there’s no room for sugar coating and below the belt moves. Instead, we share and we’re always open for feedback as it continuously makes us grow.

Be modest

We admit that we are incomplete and aren’t afraid to ask for help. We’re mindful about our surroundings and about people sensitivities.

Embrace diversity

We grow in diverse environments and thrive with diverse people, opinions, and projects. Diversity is a multiplier, embrace it.

Celebrate victories and learn from failures

Small or big, victories are worth celebrating – especially in fast-paced startup environments. Also, we’re not afraid of failing, as long as we can learn from it.

Work smart and be accountable

We have no interests in long hours solely for the sake of it. We aim to work efficiently, supported by our peers and by proven methods and tools. We take pride in our work and deliver what is expected from us.